Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make a flight booking?
In our flight search mask you will have to enter the details of your trip (destination,  date, number of passengers). All  combinations of flights are displayed beginning with the most economical fare. Few simple steps will follow requesting personal information. After completing your booking, you receive automatic e-mail confirmation of your booking along with the relevant information regarding your flight. Additionally, you can proceed to booking airline tickets by calling our customer service at tel. 22470 26000 or by sending e-mail. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You will need to have JavaScript enabled in order to view it
How soon can I book?
For electronic bookings up to four (4) hours before your departure. For telephone bookings up to two (2) hours prior to your departure. For phone reservations call our customer service at tel. 22470 26000 or by sending e-mail at this address is being protected from spambots. You will need to have JavaScript enabled in order to view it. //. In general, reservations made after 19:30 may be made only for flights departing after 13:00 the next day. On Saturdays and specifically after 16:00 it is not possible to book online for any flight departing before 11:00 Monday a.m.. We note that the tickets with low-cost airlines are provided online only by credit card, not by phone.
Can I cancel my reservation?
The cancellation depends on the type of fare and cancellation policy of each airline. There are many fares that can not be canceled at all, especially to low cost companies. If the resulting refund, the service charge is non-refundable, and there is a fixed € 25 charge per ticket inland / abroad. If you want to cancel a reservation, it is necessary to inform us by email at info@ aegeantravel.gr or phone on tel. 22470 26000.
How many passengers can I book in one reservation?
The maximum number of occupants in a room either through our online reservation system or through or our call center is nine (9) people. If someone wishes to make a reservation which includes only children and the maximum number has already been covered, it is absolutely essential that one of the nine individuals is adult.
What are the documents required in order to travel?
If your a European citizen, you don't need to show your national ID card or passport when you are travelling from one passport-free Schengen EU country to another. You must still show a valid ID card or passport when travelling to or from Bulgaria, Cyprus, Ireland, Romania and the United Kingdom. Though part of the EU, these countries do not belong to the passport-free Schengen area. “Passport-free” refers to border checks only – it is still always best to take a passport or ID card with you, so you can prove your identity if needed (if stopped by police, boarding a plane, etc.). Driving licences, post, bank or tax cards are not accepted as valid travel documents or proof of identity.
Can I change the passenger’s name?
Name changes are permitted rarely depending on the policy of the airline. We advise you to pay great attention as the name (name/surname) has to be entered exactly as it is written in the passport or identification card in Latin characters. Even if the name is wrongly entered, the system will proceed and issue the e-ticket automatically. It is worth noting that some low-cost airlines accept the name change, but with a fee, which depends on the policy of each company. For questions about this subject, please contact our customer service at 22470 26000 or e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. document.getElementById('cloak1b836440047d3f7a4313ba2a14349504').innerHTML = ''; var prefix = 'ma' + 'il' + 'to'; var path = 'hr' + 'ef' + '='; var addy1b836440047d3f7a4313ba2a14349504 = 'info' + '@'; addy1b836440047d3f7a4313ba2a14349504 = addy1b836440047d3f7a4313ba2a14349504 + 'aegeantravel' + '.' + 'gr'; var addy_text1b836440047d3f7a4313ba2a14349504 = 'info' + '@' + 'aegeantravel' + '.' + 'gr';document.getElementById('cloak1b836440047d3f7a4313ba2a14349504').innerHTML += ''+addy_text1b836440047d3f7a4313ba2a14349504+'';

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